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BINKABU | Free shipping in Australia | Delays expected due to COVID-19
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About Us

BINKABU is a handmade earring & accessory business based in Brisbane, Australia. We started out making bird earrings from polymer clay, and have since found our groove in the acrylic world. We strive to create unique pieces that will bring the earring lover (or bird lover) a whole lot of joy.

All of our pieces are based on birds of the world. Why birds? Maddi loves birds, and Maddi created the business - you've got to follow your passion, right? At least you know exactly what to expect from us. Maddi's signature design is a three-piece earring based on geometric shapes, and each pair aims to capture the fabulous colours and character of the species it represents. 

The team at BINKABU consists of Maddi and Tim, and Link and Kevin. Maddi and Tim are co-designers, co-makers, co-business runners, and partners in life. We run the whole operation from our home in West End, Brisbane. Everything is handmade by us, and we work with local businesses to source our materials. We are the proud parents of Link and Kevin, two green cheek conures that run the show. Our first bird, Link, inspired Maddi to start making earrings as a hobby to help fund his care and also to contribute to bird rescues and sanctuaries.

Why is avian care so integral to BINKABU? Birds are one of the most frequently rehomed and abused animals in the pet trade, and have a myriad of complex needs. These needs are often overlooked and misunderstood, and as a result, many birds live miserable lives unbeknownst to their carers. Birds shouldn't really be part of the pet trade at all, as they are not domesticated animals, but as long as they are bred in captivity, they will sadly continue to be apart of it. Owners then have a responsibility to treat them as the wild animals that they are, and provide for them with this in mind. 

Maddi is a classical musician, performing and teaching flute in Brisbane. Her performance work predominantly consists of playing in hospitals, providing healing soundscapes. Tim is a film producer, and one of the creative geniuses behind the comedy production company Hired Goons.