Not just jewellery...

...but a vivid celebration.

BINKABU is a place to celebrate your love for birds. We make handmade acrylic bird earrings and accessories in Brisbane, Australia.

Hi! Maddi here, founder of BINKABU.

Welcome to the flock! This is my whole world - what started out as a hobby for me swiftly became a community of birders and fashionistas alike. I started this venture to create colourful earrings to express my love for birds, my love for bright fashion, my love for handmade and ethically made goods, and my love for quirky outfits and colour. My vision was to create a place to really celebrate the species, educate my customers, and advocate for the proper care of our feathered family members.

We have so many goals moving forward, and so many exciting things to show you in the world of BINKABU birds. I hope you stick around to see what we do next!

- Maddi & the flock

  • "You never disappoint, Binkabu."

    "I love, love, love your brand and it feels great supporting a Brisbane-based family-run business that holds such a high standard for their work."

  • "These earrings are just pure joy."

    "They bring back such wonderful childhood memories. Highly recommend Binkabu because of the beautiful quality of these earrings."

  • "I am obsessed with these earrings!"

    "They are actually so light that I forget I'm wearing them. I absolutely plan to support this company more in the future."

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At our heart, we are passionate about celebrating the unique spirit of our avian friends. I love birds and find that they are an endless source of inspiration. Every one of our designs aims to capture the fabulous colours and character of the species it represents.

That's you.

Of course it's also the birds – we aim to support avian wildlife in any way we can, from education to conservation efforts. But we create earrings with YOU in mind, Wild Thing. We give you the tools for self-expression, for making a statement, for flaunting your wild side.

A small team with huge heart.

Every piece we make is uniquely designed, laser-cut, prepared, painted, assembled, packed and posted by hand in Brisbane, Australia. We work hard to create exceptional pieces of wearable art that celebrate each individual species, and ensure a safe, ethical and enjoyable work environment that puts its people first.