Handmade Bird Earrings & Accessories

Australian-made parrot accessories, uniquely designed and crafted with laser cut acrylic and sensitive-safe metals, designed to make you smile.

Inspired by wild things. Made for wild things.

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  • Made for wild things.

    BINKABU is a handmade earring & accessory business based in Brisbane, Australia. All of our products are beautifully unapologetic statement pieces to complement your wild side, based on the birds of the world. Each pair aims to capture the fabulous colours and character of the species it represents.

  • Handmade. Family-made.

    We are a small, family-run business. We (Maddi and Tim) design and make all of our jewellery in Brisbane with our two incredible team members, supervised by our conures Link and Kevin! We source our high quality materials from Aussie suppliers, and will always strive for ethical and sustainable resources.

  • Supporting vulnerable creatures.

    BINKABU supports bird and wildlife rescues in Australia. We make donations each year to various rescues, and occasionally to other causes we believe in. That means you can shop and feel GOOD about it. Well, gooder-er. Even gooder. Betterer. The best. You'll feel the best.

  • Cute. Recognisable. Wearable.

    Our design philosophy is really that simple! Our style is cute, fun, and bold, but each bird must be recognisable and above-all, wearable. We go to great lengths to find the perfect balance (literally) and to craft a flock that is cohesive yet full of diversity.