Fierce Fashion.

Embrace the rush of the dive, the thrill of the hunt. These earrings are designed not just to be seen, but to be felt; not just to accessorise, but to arm and empower you.

  • BINKABU Handmade Peregrine Falcon Hoop Earrings

    "So accurate!"


    "I worked with Peregrine falcons and you’ve captured their essence. The eyes are so real. These are amazing birds and I am excited to educate people about them when they ask me about my earrings."

    Thank you, GiGi!

    Peregrine Falcon Hoops 
  • BINKABU Boobook Owl Acrylic Bird Earrings

    "Outstanding Owls!"


    "I love my new Boobook owl earrings! Wonderful design in rich shades of golden browns. Very comfortable to wear. I’ve had them on all day with no problems!

    Thank you, Marianne

    Boobook Owl Studs 
  • BINKABU Handmade Barn Owl Hoop Earrings

    "Absolutely Gorgeous."


    "These are so large and so beautiful, well made (don't irritate your ears) and they're exquisite!! Beautiful soft colours too. Definitely a statement piece for bird lovers."

    Thank you, Jacqueline

    Barn Owl Hoops 
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Become the huntress.

BINKABU Peregrine Falcon Hoops handmade acrylic bird earrings

“Ferociously adorable!”


“Absolutely love them! Well made, super light and easy to wear. Stand out pieces with whimsy and a bit of edge.”

Thank you so much for your reviews

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