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Handmade Bird Earrings | Free shipping for orders $50 and over
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Acrylic Blue Masked Lovebird Earrings
Black Masked Lovebird Acrylic Earrings
Acrylic Blue Masked Lovebird Earrings Handmade
blue masked lovebird

Acrylic Blue Masked Lovebird Earrings - Statement Bird Earrings

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Flying Colours Acrylics - Blue Masked Lovebird Hoop Earrings

Lovebirds are chattery and entertaining little clowns, native to mainland Africa. The blue masked lovebird is the best known colour mutation of the masked lovebird, with this colour mutation occurring in the wild as well as captivity. We've kept the colours simple in this earring design, using a gorgeous, ocean blue marble acrylic as the stand-out material. The hoop style earring is perfect for those who dislike studs, or for stretched ears! 

🌻 W: 2.5cm L: 7cm
🌻 20mm Surgical stainless steel hoop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Absolutely fabulous!

Wow these are beautifully made and a pleasure to wear - my new favourite earrings!

Very beautiful and like it

I’m in Hong Kong and it was delivered to Hong Kong in about 18 days. I bought two pairs of earrings. I like them very much.

My heart was stolen by these lovebirds

I swear with every release Binkabu gets better and better! This is my first dangle pair of earrings and they sit so nicely hanging from the ear. They also have very good movement. I really like the colours and could not be happier with them. The hoop was a little bit to get used to (never worn hoops before) but I love them now.

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